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  • Laser Scanner provide users with detailed point clouds which enable 3D modelling for diverse tasks including building reconstruction, plant layout and enhanced data presentation with augmented reality.

With fast turnaround times on scans of buildings and entire environments, Laser scanner can deliver fully surfaced CAD models for a variety of industries. Architectural design, civil engineering and construction, facility management, and cultural heritage.

Our latest “state-of-the-art” laser scanner is :

•  Highly portable
•  Wide angle of view 360º – suitable for interior & exterior
•  Range : up to 350 m
•  Accuracy < 3 mm at 100 m
•  Fast scanning 100,000’s points in < 15 minutes
•  Point cloud & photographic image available immediately

Data can also be processed to produce :

•  Registered image tied to conventional survey datum
•  2D CAD drawing
•  3D CAD model
•  And run clash “interference” software to check new design or that prefabricated units fit within model prior to onsite installation.